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My name is Robert Pierce, but people know me as Pibby. When I was a kid I liked dinosaurs, airplanes, comic books, and video games. I would make my own pictures and sell them for lunch money. After graduating from high school, I went to Spokane, Washington on an LDS mission. I’m finishing generals at SLCC so that I can continue my education in animation in the next year. My current day job is digitizing historical documents. My goal is to get into the film and gaming industry as Concept Artist.

Right now I’m a Freelance Illustrator. Recent freelance work experience includes digital illustration for a published children’s book, the Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns, Lehi High School, and various other projects. I frequently use Corel Painter X and Adobe Photoshop CS4. I work on both OSX and Windows based operating systems. And, I still use pencil and charcoal on a regular basis. Along with illustrating, I enjoy music, swimming, motion pictures, running, shooting guns, and spending time with my beautiful wife. We currently reside in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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