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It’s 2010!

It’s 2010! Holy cow!! I’m excited for this New Year! It’s going to be awesome!

I wanted to throw this final picture for the Minnesota Timberwolves Mascot up  for everyone to enjoy! This was a good project to work on. And I’m done with it!! Hooray! Thanks for everyone that gave me some good feedback on this illustration.

Also, on a side note, I wanted to let you know about this inspiring blog that I’ve been listening to while at work. These guys are amazing. The blog is! This blog is full of inspiring interviews with all kinds of artists!! I’m enjoying it.


Big Project


This is the most recent project I’ve finished. And it was a challenge!! There are 15 guys in this pic!! It was all done  in Painter X. I started with a sketch on paper and then scanned it into the computer. It’s really hard to have 15 guys in a different pose from one another. But I had fun working on it. And my wife tells me I’m getting faster at painting on the computer, so that’s good. I wish I would have had more time on this one, but there was dead line. Enjoy! And thanks for stopping by my web blog.

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