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Since the start of this web site/blog, I have received quite a few emails and comments about my work. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.

Please check this Q & A page if you have emailed/commented me or have any questions. The following are some frequently asked questions.

Q: We are interested in your artwork and like your style.  We hope you have time to create a couple drawings for us.  What do you need in order to get started?

A: It would be my absolute pleasure to work on a project with you.  It’s best to contact me through e-mail. I will usually ask a couple of questions even before we get started. From this, an estimate for the work can be created.

Q: Wow, those illustrations for the children’s book are beautiful. We would like to get a copy of the book when it’s done. Is there any new information on when the book might be available to buy?

A: The book is selling right now! You  can check this section of my website to see where to get a copy.

Updated September 2009

Contact: Pibmish@gmail.com


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