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It’s the summer


Hey! These are the changes that I’ve made with my current commission. This is the revised version of Crunch from the Timberwolves. I know, I know, the head on the other one was way too small. I thought about taking the older one off, but I’ll keep it up so you can see the changes. The shoes kind of look like clown shoes but we’ll see what he says. I used a little bit of Photoshop on this one to change the team name to be more incorporated to the jersey. I really like the warp feature in Photoshop. I think they put that feature in Corel Painter 11 but I only have Painter X. I hope you enjoy my picture.

Also I’ve been taking a figure drawing class from Adam Ford at the Bridge Art Academy. I think I’ll post those next. It’s a really fun class.


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